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The Relative Costs of Well Mounted Pump Stations v Submersible Pumps

A long-running study into the comparative ongoing operating costs of well mounted pump stations as opposed to submersible pump stations, found that there was a difference of almost 56% between these two types of pumping systems.

Well mounted pump stations were found to offer considerable savings over the operating life of a pumping system in total maintenance costs, taking into account the labour required, the costs of parts, and contractor expenses.

The study was conducted in the state of Kansas in the USA, with the data being drawn from the local authority’s extensive records relating to the repair and maintenance work associated with its 53 submersible and wet well mounted pump stations.

For each individual pump station, all costs were meticulously logged over time, and this enabled a clear and effective comparison of the overall costs of operating and maintaining each different type of station.

The headline finding was that the costs associated with operating a wet well mounted pump station were, over time, 56% lower on average than those incurred by its submersible pump stations.

The above-ground pumping stations that were monitored during the study were manufactured by Smith & Loveless, which FITT Resources are now supplying to local authorities and the water management industry across Australia.

Some of the reasons behind the lower costs associated with operating and maintaining an above ground mounted pump station included:

  • Inspections of the pump were made easier, as no going down into a pit or working in confined spaces was required.
  • No lifting was required, and no v-belts to maintain.
  • No sewage spills or cleaning required.

Contact FITT Resources if you want to find out more about the range of Smith & Loveless EVERLAST Wet Well Mounted Pump Stations that we are able to supply.

You can download the full White Paper from Smith & Loveless here.

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