Dragflow Dredges

Dragflow dredging equipment


Dragflow Pumps Australia

FITT Resources supplies a range of Dragflow heavy duty pumps and dredging equipment suitable for use in a wide variety of industries and applications, including mining, civil construction and engineering, land reclamation, flood prevention and ship building.


DRH series cable dredges are ideal for dewatering in mining, reservoirs and other challenging applications. The can mount a wide range of Dragflow hydraulic pumps which can be equipped with a range of accessories.A further advantage is that cable dredges can be easily operated by a single operator, and they are easy to transport and assemble.


DRP radio-controlled dredges are ideal for use in a range of challenging applications, and are designed to mount a wide range of Dragflow electric pumps.

The remote control capability means DRP dredges are easy to operate, and as they are easy to assemble they can be used in all types of locations and applications, including mining ponds, harbours and industrial basins.


Dragflow amphibious dredges can be used on water, as well as on any solid or muddy soil.

Both the DRM and DRSP amphibious dredges can use pumps with excavators and other accessories, such as the cutter head. In addition, their versatility makes them suitable for use in a range of applications where numerous machines might otherwise be required, while the ease of transport means they can be put to work in even the most inaccessible locations.