Industry Asset Remediation


FITT Resources offers a wide range of specialist engineering services, and is equipped to undertake asset refurbishment in a variety of industries and sectors across Australia. We pride ourselves on taking an innovative and flexible approach, and this enables us to provide repair and remediation solutions suitable for application in all types of industrial, civil and water facilities.

Timely remediation is essential to ensuring the infrastructure of critical assets remains sound and that they are able to operate at maximum efficiency. To achieve this, we combine technical experience, efficient systems and extensive resources, along with a commitment to delivering value for money and the goal of extending the life of assets.

Our experience in asset remediation extends to sectors such as oil & gas, water & sewage, mining & processing, and power generation, and as well as delivering repair and refurbishment solutions, we also devise specialist maintenance and protection programs for assets of all sizes and ages in a range of industries.

Concrete Repair and Remediation

Concrete that has corroded or has become structurally unsound can quickly become a significant issue for all types of industrial assets. There can be a range of reasons as to why concrete deteriorates, and so rapid inspection and diagnosis of the underlying causes is required in order to put remediation strategies in place as soon as possible.

Our team is highly experienced in all aspects of concrete repair and remediation, and offers a comprehensive range of cost effective services, including:

  • Polyurethane crack injection
  • Concrete corrosion and degradation control
  • Protective coatings
  • Cathodic protection
  • Waterproofing
  • Concrete spalling and render repair
  • Treatment and reinstatement of structural components

Our highly trained team is experienced at working above and below ground, as well as in locations with challenging access. In addition, the range of integrated services we offer means that we can take care of every stage of the process, from initial diagnosis, through to strategy design, and then on to onsite engineering and pouring.

Surface Protection and Remediation

FITT Resources provides repair, maintenance and ongoing protection for all types of structures and facilities, and offers a comprehensive surface remediation program designed to prolong the life cycle of industrial, water, mining and civil assets. This includes the blasting and cleaning of exterior surfaces, application of protective coatings, concrete repair, waterproofing, painting and structural crack repair.

Protective Coatings

Protective coatings are an essential means of extending the life of industrial, civil and water assets, including gas tanks, chemical tanks and coagulation tanks. Coatings can be applied to all types of components, surfaces and linings in order to provide greater protection against deterioration and degradation caused by corrosion, chemicals, extreme temperatures, salt spray and other contaminants.

FITT Resources specialises in the application of protective coatings, and is experienced at working with a range of coatings designed to meet the needs of specific applications and operating environments, including Intercrete, Ceilcote and Polibrid.

Our team also offers a range of blast services in order to clean and profile surfaces prior to the application of protective coatings, including dustless blasting, wet abrasive blasting and UHP blasting. This process ensures that surfaces are prepared in such a way that newly applied protective coatings adhere better and provide longer lasting protection. The primary cause of coating failure is a poorly profiled surface, and so effective preparation using an appropriate blasting method is key.

Asset Integrity, Plant Maintenance and Shutdown Services

FITT Resources can supply a range of services that assist in maintaining the operational integrity of assets, including inspection and reporting, the development of ongoing maintenance programs, and the implementation of remediation work. Our expertise extends all sectors, including water and sewage, oil & gas, mining & processing, pulp & paper, and power generation.

Through a combination of comprehensive planning, extensive resources and a skilled workforce, we also effectively manage any shutdowns required for upgrades and maintenance, resulting in ongoing productivity and minimal asset downtime.

Structural Remediation and Rehabilitation

Assets in all industries can deteriorate as a result of a variety of factors, meaning they are no longer structurally sound and able to perform at optimum capability. Asset renewal represents a cost effective and sustainable way of extending the life of existing assets and achieving better all round operational value.

FITT Resources is well equipped to provide a comprehensive range of end-to-end structural strengthening and remediation services for failing, ageing or damaged industrial, civil and water assets.

Our team can undertake all facets of a structural remediation rehabilitation work, from inspection and reporting, to project management, to implementation, with an emphasis on ensuring workforce and public safety, minimal downtime, and cost-effective delivery.

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To find out more about our full asset refurbishment capabilities, please contact our Industrial Assets Services Manager Richard Arthur on 0402 993 806 or email [email protected].