Inpro/Seal bearing isolators, air mower shaft seals and Sentinel FBS


Inpro Seal FITT Resources Australia

FITT Resources distributes a range of bearing protection products by Inpro/Seal, global leaders in the design and manufacture of bearing isolators.

Founded in 1977 in the USA, and with manufacturing facilities in America and the UK, Inpro/Seal bearing isolators are renowned for their capacity to protect rotating equipment from contamination and lubrication loss, and increase reliability, 

Utilising innovative technology, Inpro/Seal bearing isolators deliver superior sealing solutions and enable operators to enjoy significant cost savings by improving mean time between repair (MTBR).

Inpro Seal Australia FITT Resources

FITT Resources distributes Inpro/Seal bearing isolators in Queensland, South Australia, New Caledonia and Papua New Guinea.

The exceptional performance and operating life will significantly enhance the range of sealing solutions we are able to provide our customers in these locations.