Sewage and Treatment Works


FITT Resources specialises in comprehensive asset inspection, rehabilitation and maintenance services for sewage treatment works and water treatment plants throughout Australia.

Corrosion and other forms of degradation can have a major impact on the operating efficiency and safety of plants dealing with wastewater and sewage. The public health and environmental consequences of a failing sewage or water treatment system can be catastrophic, and so keeping these assets working effectively is always a priority.

Sewage and water treatment works inspections

Water infrastructure assets used for the supply of water or treatment of wastewater need to remain structurally sound at all times. FITT Resources is able to carry out detailed condition inspections of all types of water snd sewage pumping stations, and these help operators to understand the condition of assets in detail, as well as the maintenance and rehabilitation tasks that are most pressing.

Following on from this, our Water Industry Services team also works with operators in delivering ongoing programs of condition inspection, so that potential future problems can be recognised snd attended to as soon as possible.

Rehabilitation for sewage and water works

The experienced team of qualified engineers at FITT Resources is equipped to devise and deliver repair and refurbishment solutions for sewage treatment works and water treatment plants that get them back to full operational capacity and ensure their ongoing safety and efficiency.

This remediation work can include:

  • Installing temporary internal access equipment for use during refurbishment
  • Removing corroded access ladders and platforms
  • Installing new pipework, pump pedestals and guardrail systems
  • Re-engineering pump positions over existing site lifting equipment
  • UHP water blasting to remove deteriorated concrete
  • Relining wet well floors, walls and roofs

Our expertise and experience extends to desalination, sewage treatment, bulk water handling and transfer, along with an extensive a range of equipment, from pre-filtration and micro filtration through to pumps and valves. The services we provide also add value through power reduction and equipment reliability improvements.

Pump repair and refurbishment

FITT Resources is an Australian industry leader in pumps and rotating equipment, and as such we have a team of highly-skilled engineers who can undertake maintenance, repairs and refurbishment on all types of pumps and dewatering equipment.

In addition, we have extensive workshop facilities in both NSW and Queensland where we can undertake off-site pump repairs, while our team will also take care of on-site re-installation and alignment of your reconditioned pump or, if necessary, undertake the installation of replacement equipment.

Our range of pump repair services include:

  • Water pump overhaul and refurbishment
  • Reservoir pump overhaul and refurbishment
  • Submersible pump overhaul and refurbishment
  • Motor overhaul, including gearbox, air blower and valve refurbishment