Fluid Sealing

Australia Fluid Sealing

At FITT Resources we supply a comprehensive selection of mechanical seals, mechanical packing for rotating and static equipment, gasketting, bearing protection, engineered sealing solutions and systems to a wide range of Australian industries.

FITT Resources has long been associated with high quality fluid sealing, beginning in 2008 when we purchased the Chesterton Australia direct operation from the US, and began supplying their mechanical and polymer seals, mechanical packing and gaskets to a variety of industries across Australia, including:

  • Pulp and paper
  • Mining and processing
  • Water and sewerage
  • Oil, gas and refining
  • Defence and marine
  • Manufacturing
  • Food and beverage
  • General industry

Since then, we have grown our Fluid Sealing Division, including expanding our facilities in Lisarow and Artarmon in NSW, along with our Queensland workshop in Gladstone, and continue to focus on distributing the best quality sealing products that give our customers the lowest life cycle costs.

We also work with industries and operators across Australia to provide a range of sealing services and solutions. This includes on-site training and specialist programs designed to achieve clients’ operating goals in terms of reliability and efficiency, while reducing overall costs. This includes:

  • Water saving programs
  • Valve, flange and heat exchanger sealing programs
  • Plant wide standardisation and inventory management

We are specialists in devising sealing solutions that help our customers across Australia to achieve lower operating costs and maximise production. Our team of experienced sealing engineers look at each case on its merits, and as a result we do not automatically favour mechanical seals over packing, or vice-versa. Instead, we take into account operators’ specific needs and devise solutions that work for a specific pump and the circumstances under which it operates.

Mechanical seals・Packing・Gaskets・Polymer seals

Seal protection technology・SpitalTec environmental protectors

Magnetic bearing seals・Bearing isolators・Bearing protection

Self-energised non-asbestos metal gaskets・Self locator gaskets・Insertable gaskets・Ring gaskets・Manway gaskets・Custom gaskets

FITT Resources Slurry Sealing Program

FITT Resources has also partnered with AW Chesterton to create a specialist Slurry Sealing Program, designed to provide high-reliability sealing solutions specifically for slurry applications. The program increases reliability, simplifies installation through standardisation, and extends sealing performance throughout your plant.

Our Slurry Sealing Program is delivered by a team of applications engineers and in-field specialists with extensive industry and product knowledge. It’s a shut-to-shut program designed to help operators in slurry-intensive industries achieve more efficient, long lasting and cost-effective pump operation.

The program is designed to lead to:

  • Reduced water consumption
  • Extended seal life
  • Extended packing life
  • Fewer gland adjustments
  • Less maintenance
  • Less exposure of personnel to rotating equipment hazards
  • Shut to shut reliability