STOPAQ and SEALTAQ Corrosion Control


FITT Resources is authorised as a nationwide installer of STOPAQ and SEALTAQ corrosion control technologies across Australia, for asset remediation in the oil, gas, water, power generation and mining industries.


STOPAQ is an internationally patented visco elastic coating technology that is designed to provide long term and cost effective corrosion protection for onshore and offshore pipelines and other infrastructure, essential in a range of vital industries such as oil, gas, water, energy and marine.

STOPAQ delivers a range of benefits that help to maintain asset integrity, including low mobilisation costs and minimal surface preparation, adhering fully to both metal and non-metal surfaces in any shape or configuration.

In addition, there is no environmental impact associated with the installation of STOPAQ, nor does it pose any safety hazards. There is no cathodic disbonding or under creep, and the product has unlimited shelf life.


SEALTAQ is a visco-elastic water sealant solution that has been developed specifically to meet the needs of the Australian building and construction industries. It offers 100% waterproofing in civil applications, and can be applied to all types of surfaces, sealing seams even at low temperatures.

The ideal solution for application on roofs, walls, facades, window frames, door frames and floors (wooden or concrete), SEALTAQ provides safe, fast and secure protection, and is available in rolls, pastes and injectable putties to make it straightforward to install. 

FITT Resources is authorised to install STOPAQ visco elastic coating technology and SEALTAQ water sealant solutions across Australia.

To find out more, or to purchase STOPAQ and SEALTAQ products, contact Simon Ghobrial, Director at AntiCorrosion Technology, via email at, call on 0410 649 454, or visit the ACT website.