Selco Seal Gaskets

Selco Seal Gaskets


Australia Selco Seal Gaskets

Selco Seal Gaskets

  • self-energised non-asbestos metal gaskets, suitable for use in difficult applications
  • includes self locator, insertable, ring, manway and custom gaskets

Heat Exchanger Sealing Systems

  • engineered sealing solutions for problematic flanges and joints

Formed in 1973, Sealing Corporation has evolved into a diversified Sealing Technology Company and now services a multitude of industries worldwide.

Sealing Corporation has designed and manufactured a full line of self-energized metal gaskets consisting of a corrugated metal carrier combined with different Soft Sealing Inserts (e.g. Flexible Graphite, PTFE, Mica, or combination thereof). These gaskets are used in extremely difficult applications, for Cryogenic and High Temperatures (200°C To + 1’200°C) and High Pressures (400bar). Based on the gasket’s unique design, they are blow-out and fire proof.

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The Selco Seal is a non-asbestos metal Gasket, sometimes called a “hybrid” gasket, which consists of both a metal carrier and a sealing material. Selco Seal gaskets have excellent tightness characteristics and offer easy installation with no handling losses.