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Australia Hudig Dewatering Equipment

FITT Resources is the exclusive Australian distributor of HÜDIG dewatering equipment and sewage pumps. We currently stock two of its most robust high performance machines — the HC488 Electrical Vacuum Pump and the HC522 Diesel Vacuum Pump.

An international leader in dewatering equipment since the 1960s, HÜDIG machinery is renowned for its low operating and maintenance costs, as well as its outstanding levels of reliability. It is in high demand in the building and construction industries across Australia, as well as local councils and water authorities.


The HÜDIG new series HC488 electrical vacuum pump is a premium machine that is noted for its high performance and operating efficiency. The design also makes a feature of operator safety.

  • A rotary vacuum pump which operate on a circulation lubrication system, increasing efficiency and the ability to operate effectively in extreme temperatures and conditions.
  • Air separation chamber, which is hot galvanised and so has greater resistance to corrosion, resulting in greater efficiency and longer operating life.
  • Switch board featuring a phase protective relay to ensure that the electric motors always operate in the correct direction.
  • The HÜDIG HC488 electrical vacuum pump unit features a Grindex submersible pump, which prevents premature failure as a result of conveying sanded water. 

The HÜDIG HC522 diesel vacuum pump is notable for its high vacuum strength and is highly efficient when it comes to conveying sandy groundwater. It is a robust piece of equipment that is in great demand in the building, construction and maintenance industries across Australia.

  • Mounted on a chassis with an integrated fuel tank.
  • Tank with 150 litre capacity capable of up to 24 hours’ continuous operation (larger capacity fuel tanks are also available).
  • Double-walled tank to prevent accidental fuel and oil spillage.
  • Dry running rotary vacuum generators which are able to run at any pressure and in extreme weather conditions.
  • Self-priming wastewater pump.
  • Air-cooled diesel engine.
  • Air separation chamber.

In addition to the HC488 electrical vacuum pump and HC522 diesel vacuum pump, FITT Resources can also source and supply a range of other HÜDIG pumps.


The HÜDIG HC271 piston pump is ideal for heavy duty use on Australian construction and building sites. Featuring automatic lubrication and a built-in air chamber, the HÜDIG HC271 piston pump has an outer galvanised steel frame with integrated pan to prevent mechanical damage and accidental spillages. It is capable of 24 hour operation and is noted for its long service life.


HÜDIG produces high-pressure, multistage, non self-priming centrifugal pumps for conveying without solid particles both clean water and water that is slightly contaminated. HÜDIG HC170 and HC180 jetting pumps are driven by a diesel engine and can be de-aerated manually. Mounted on a single axel trailer, the HÜDIG HC170 and HC180 also have a removable truck drawbar, while the solid welded tank frame chassis has a large fuel capacity.

HÜDIG jetting pumps are suitable for a range of applications in the Australian construction industry, including jetting in wells or piles, or filling and testing pipelines.


We can source and supply both the EVA and DIVA ranges of HÜDIG sewage vacuum pumps.

HÜDIG EVA sewage vacuum pumps can be used in a wide variety of applications, including:

  • sewage pumping
  • pit pumping
  • thick slurry pumping
  • slime pumping
  • transfer pumping

HÜDIG EVA and DIVA sewage vacuum pumps feature rotary vane vacuum pumps that are self-lubricating, making them extremely robust and suitable for all types of Australian working conditions. They run on water and air cooled diesel engines that are noise protected and mounted on a tank frame chassis. They also feature an air separator tank made from hot galvanised sheet steel that is highly resistant to corrosion.

The wastewater pump is manufactured by Hidrostal, and is a screw-type impeller centrifugal pump which is robust and highly efficient, and designed to provide the highest possible resistance against blockage.


HÜDIG SDVA 200 diesel vacuum slurry pumps feature a dry running lubrication and maintenance free rotational vacuum pump, powered by a HATZ engine. It combines both high air capacity and high vacuum, and is designed to operate in a variety of weather and working conditions, making it ideal for the Australian environment.

The SDVA 200 is mounted on a galvanised tank skid, and has sufficient fuel capacity for 24 hours of continuous operation. It has a galvanised steel air separator reservoir which protects against corrosion and which features side swing doors.


The HÜDIG HC 921 and HC 922 self-priming wastewater centrifugal pumps are designed for the delivery of wastewater, and are suitable for use in the Australian construction industry.

Capable of being powered by either electric or diesel engines, on HÜDIG self-priming wastewater centrifugal pumps the air separation chamber is directly connected to the water pump. This means that water and air in the suction pipe are separated so that high vacuum is achieved and only water is discharged.

The HÜDIG HC 921 and HC 922 have a bronze impeller and wear plate, and with a tank capacity of 150 litres, they are capable of 24 hours’ continuous operation.