Dragflow Pumps and Dredges

Dragflow heavy duty pumps and dredging equipment


Dragflow Pumps Australia

Dragflow is a long-established manufacturer of heavy duty pumps and dredging equipment, and FITT Resources are able to supply across Australia and New Zealand a comprehensive range of Dragflow equipment that can be used in a wide variety of applications, including:

  • industry
  • mining
  • offshore
  • dredging

Dragflow specialises in the manufacture of submersible dredge pumps for use in the marine and mining industries, and their equipment is produced to increase operating efficiency through low maintenance costs, durability and reliability.

Dragflow pumps are also manufactured to be able to operate in the harshest working environments, making them ideal for use in a variety of applications throughout Australia. The extensive range of Dragflow heavy duty equipment includes:

  • submersible heavy duty agitator pumps
  • super duty and high head electric pumps
  • hydraulic dredge pumps

In addition, Dragflow produce a wide range of pump accessories that enhance the ease of use, productivity and efficiency of their equipment, including:

  • mechanical seals
  • cooling jackets
  • pump strainer and lifting plates
  • automatic greasing systems
  • lower membrane protection
  • anti turbidity bells
  • temperature sensors
  • pump frames