Crack Repair and Remediation


At FITT Resources, we specialise in crack repair, concrete remediation and corrosion protection that prevents concrete from failing and impacting adversely on the operation of water and wastewater systems, or any type of water asset.

Concrete in these environments is particularly susceptible to corrosion and degradation as a result of exposure to bacteria, chemicals, humidity and freeze-thaw cycling, as well as flowing water and other substances. Concrete that has deteriorated or has cancer can weaken structures, which in turn reduces operational safety, efficiency and working life.

Therefore, the need for crack repair and concrete remediation in these circumstances is vital, as is taking steps to protect against the onset of corrosion.

Protective coatings to prevent concrete corrosion

Protective coatings are highly effective in combating aggressive fluids such as those found in most water assets, especially wastewater infrastructure. These coatings create a barrier between corrosive liquids and materials and the concrete which prevents absorption and reaction.

Preventing the corrosion and deterioration of concrete is a major challenge in the water and wastewater sectors, but rehabilitating concrete infrastructure using protective coatings is a highly effective way of increasing performance life, reducing future rehabilitation costs, and lowering the risk of asset failure.

Crack repairs and concrete remediation for water asset refurbishment

The experienced, specialist team in our Water Services Industry division provides a comprehensive range of crack repair and concrete remediation services for water assets across Australia, including reservoir tanks, manholes, water towers, submersible pump stations, chemical dosing tanks and swimming pools.