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FITT Resources specialises in turbomachinery overhaul, re-engineering and dynamic balancing services, including maintenance and servicing of turbines, high-speed rotating equipment, pumps and compressors.

With a fully-equipped workshop in Lisarow and a team of highly-trained technicians, the FITT Resources Turbomachinery Division provides a comprehensive range of engineering services to the Australian gas, mining and power generation sectors, as well as a wide range of other industries. Our aim is always to ensure the reliability of critical rotating equipment, and to deliver cost-effective performance throughout the life cycle of your assets.

In the highly specialised field of turbomachinery, FITT Resources leads the way when it comes to dedicated workshop facilities and a skilled workforce specialising in high speed equipment, and we are set up to work with steam turbines, compressors, gearboxes and multi-stage pumps for use in all types of applications. This includes retrofit solutions, where we are able to manufacture and machine components in our workshop.

We also undertake field and on-site work, including design, installation and relocation projects, and can now offer comprehensive turnkey services for our customers as well.

In addition, FITT Resources has established an alliance with Revak Keene Turbomachinery, one of the leading turbomachinery repair and service providers in the United States, which has significantly increased the range of turbomachinery overhaul and re-engineering services we can now provide in Australia.

Speak to FITT Resources Turbomachinery Division about:

  • Open, Clean, Inspect & Close (OCIC)
  • Re-engineering and upgrading
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Steam turbine maintenance and overhaul
  • Gearbox maintenance and overhaul
  • Compressor maintenance and overhaul
  • Pump maintenance and overhaul
  • Design and installation of mechanical equipment
  • Plant commissioning and relocation
  • Specialised component weld repairs
  • Specialised machining
  • Laser alignment and rotor balancing
  • Spare parts and components