Reservoir Tank Inspection and Maintenance


The FITT Resources Water Industry Services division provides inspections and asset refurbishment services for reservoir tanks of all sizes across Australia, including leak repairs, joint repairs and other internal refurbishment.

Our detailed condition inspections enable operators to have a complete and up-to-date register of the condition of all reservoir tanks and water assets, which assists in the prioritising of any repair or refurbishment work that is required.

FITT Resources’ Water Industry Services team is also equipped to devise and implement regular ongoing condition inspection programs for reservoir tanks, so that potential problems can be identified and rectified as early as possible, and safe and efficient operations maintained.

Coating and relining of reservoir tanks

The remediation work that may be carried out as a result of an inspection can include ultra high pressure (UHP) water blasting or abrasive blasting in order to removed failed coatings and expose joint seals, the reapplication of protective coatings in order to prevent further corrosion and deterioration, as well as extensive concrete repair.

Reservoir tanks and other water assets often fall victim to concrete cancer, usually as a result of the reinforced steel becoming cracked or corroded. Our reservoir tank maintenance and repair programs address concrete cancer in a variety of ways, depending on the particular circumstances and the state of disrepair, as well as providing effective tank relining using a flexible epoxy grout and caulking system.

External reservoir tank refurbishment

In addition to undertaking internal repairs on leaking reservoir tanks, FITT Resources also provides a range of external refurbishment services as well. These can include cleaning using UHP or abrasive blasting, along with the application of sunroof concrete paint that not only provides ongoing protection against weathering but also improves the visual appearance, important if a reservoir tank is easily visible from the road or is in an otherwise prominent position.

Off-site repairs and refurbishment

If necessary, we can also undertake repairs on pumps and other dewatering equipment at one of our specialist workshops. We can also reinstall and align reconditioned pumps, or install new pumping equipment if required.