FITT Resources Queensland Service Centre in Gladstone


Since commencing operations in February 2019, the FITT Resources Queensland Service Centre has become an integral part of the industrial, mining and manufacturing landscape in Gladstone and beyond.

The Gladstone region is not only essential to Queensland’s economy, but to the country as a whole. One of Australia’s busiest ports, it is home to a range of heavy industry, including aluminium smelters, cyanide and cement plants, and power production facilities. 

The FITT Resources Gladstone workshop at 6 Hilliard Street specialise in the overhaul, service and repair of a range of high-end machinery and equipment, including submersible pumps, turbines, turbomachinery, high-speed rotating equipment and compressors.


As a relatively new name in Gladstone, our priority has been establishing links and relationships with local companies at all levels. We have also worked hard at establishing strong personal relationships across a range of industries and sectors, and our links are growing all the time.

These relationships are also strong enough to ensure that when people move companies or sectors, we go with them, as they know they will get the same high levels of personal service whoever they are working for.

We have also made it a priority to have a local team with extensive knowledge of the industrial, mining and power industries in the region. Workshop Supervisor Damien Oliver grew up and completed his apprenticeship in Gladstone, and has worked in the area his whole career. Other key members of the Gladstone team, John LaFave and Geoff Hutchison, both live locally and have many years’ experience in pumps, seals and other related industries in Gladstone and throughout Australia.


The FITT Resources Gladstone Workshop provides a range of services to industries in and around the area, including supplying mechanical seals, gland packing and parts.

Our aim is to ensure that we always have stock in the workshop, as this provides an important, personalised service for local operators by reducing waiting time and boosting productivity. We can generally provide same day, door-to-door delivery or, if we have access, we will deliver on site if required. If a seal or part is needed urgently, we can deliver on weekends as well.

All of this means that local companies know that they can rely on us, and this part of our dedicated service culture is proving invaluable to operators for whom lost time can be extremely costly.


Our Gladstone Workshop provides a range of overhaul, servicing and repairs for turbomachinery, sealing devices, steam turbines, multi-stage pumps and other rotating equipment as part of our commitment to delivering cost-effective performance throughout the life cycle of assets.

We provide pump servicing, rebuild and overhaul work in our workshop, as well as on site, including onsite turbine commissioning and maintenance, in situ pump repairs and replacement, and are happy to provide free onsite pump inspections and advice, along with free quotes for any in-workshop serving and overhaul work.

We are also currently growing our capacity for submersible pump repairs in Gladstone, and will soon have a full, in-house capability to provide a maintenance and overhaul services for all makes of models of submersible pumps. This expanded capability will mean we can provide even greater levels of support for dewatering operations in the construction, mining and mineral processing industries in Queensland.

Our approach to finding engineering solutions is the same as that at our long-established Sydney Service Centre, and so our customers can rely on the standard of our work and the levels of service for which FITT Resources is renowned. The aim is always to help operators reduce costs and minimise downtime, and to back this up, we are proud to offer a 12 or 24 month warranty on our service work and rebuilds.

Our development team is committed to finding engineering solutions for problems that go beyond simple repairs, in order to ensure that equipment and machinery is made fit for purpose. To that end, we can engineer and supply customised pump components through our partnership with 7D Team which are interchangeable with OEM, but more cost effective and engineered to higher standards.

Dynamic balancing machine

Our Gladstone Workshop is fitted with a range of equipment, most notably a large dynamic balancing machine that we use for balancing rotating machine parts such as rotors for electric motors, fans, turbines, propellers and submersible pumps.

This is one of the only balancing machines in the region and significantly enhances the quality of the work we are able to perform in servicing and overhauling all types of pumps and rotating equipment. It also distinguishes the scope of our services from those offered by other engineering companies in the region, and helps to reduce costs and minimise downtime as pumps and other quipment do not need to be sent away but can instead be balanced and aligned locally.


To find out more about our submersible pump servicing, turbine overhaul and rotating equipment servicing, call Workshop Supervisor Damien Oliver on 0476 666 095 or email [email protected].