FITT Resources Slurry Sealing Program

The FITT Resources Slurry Sealing Program in partnership with AW Chesterton provides high-reliability sealing solutions designed specifically for slurry applications. The program increases reliability, simplifies installation through standardisation, and extends sealing performance throughout your plant.

Delivered by a team of applications engineers and in-field specialists with extensive industry and product knowledge, this shut-to-shut program helps operators in slurry-intensive industries to achieve more efficient, long lasting and cost-effective pump operation.

Decrease costs and improve reliability

The FITT Resources Slurry Sealing Program takes a systematic approach to assist operators in meeting productivity goals through reducing rotating equipment maintenance. Using internationally renowned Chesterton sealing products in conjunction with our extensive knowledge and experience with sealing slurry equipment, we help you to achieve increased reliability and documented cost savings using both packing and seal technologies.

As part of the program, experienced field specialists work with on-site maintenance and reliability teams to develop baseline performance and implement best available techniques (BAT) optimised for your plant, with the aim of creating customised, cost-effective solutions designed to meet your specific needs.

The program is designed to lead to:

  • Reduced water consumption
  • Extended seal life
  • Extended packing life
  • Fewer gland adjustments
  • Less maintenance
  • Less exposure of personnel to rotating equipment hazards
  • Shut to shut reliability

Water Savings Program​​​​

Flush water for industrial process equipment is often viewed as an intrinsic process element required for reliable equipment operation. However, the business consequences of excessive flush water usage range from adverse environmental impact to hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost efficiency per year.

FITT Resources Industrial Water Savings Program as part of the Slurry Sealing program is specifically designed to identify excessive water usage at the equipment level. We use a multi-step approach to maximize the value of the program for not only today, but also for the entire life cycle of your equipment.

  • Comprehensive water usage survey to identify immediate areas of focus
  • Detailed reporting outlining the financial impact of excessive industrial water use at the equipment, area, and plant levels using plant-specific utility costs
  • Complete solution recommendations for high-usage equipment designed to reduce water consumption and operating costs and increase process efficiency with complete cost justification documentation
  • Comprehensive training programs relating to product selection, installation, maintenance, and operation techniques

Best Available Technique (BAT)

We employ advanced Chesterton sealing technology in order to produce cost-effective solutions that improve equipment reliability and extend operating life, while reducing power and flush water consumption.

Our experience with high performance mechanical packings and seals ensures that the best available techniques are implemented for reliable slurry sealing. Based on detailed assessments, FITT Resources specialists and engineers focus on cost-effective sealing techniques on high cost equipment, delivering rapid cost savings while enhancing equipment reliability.

Slurry Sealing Solutions

We employ a range of Chesterton sealing products developed specifically for challenging environments and slurry-intensive industries. Designed to deliver practical solutions and measurable results, we utilise the best sealing methodologies through a combination of high-performance mechanical packing, mechanical seals and seal support systems.

Chesterton DualPac 2211

Chesterton DualPac 2211 packing has been developed specifically for use in general and severe service. It is ideal for pumps that are put to work in aggressive slurry applications, such as ore and mineral handling, and in a range of dewatering applications as well.

Using DualPac 2211 technology means that you are combining the high sealability and low friction of PTFE with the strength of aramids, and this results in limited consolidation and extrusion, along with minimal shaft wear.

EnviroSeal SpiralTrac

EnviroSeal SpiralTrac seal protection technology has revolutionised the sealing environment in stuffing boxes. Used in conjunction with Chesterton mechanical seals, SpiralTrac environmental controller reduces the flush fluid required and enhances seal reliability by driving seal cavity circulation and solids removal.

Chesterton 170L Slurry Seal

The Chesterton 170L Slurry Seal is an innovative, non-clog seal designed to operate in heavy slurry environments and eliminate costly external seal flushes. It uses line-to-line, hydraulically-balanced seal faces and positions the springs entirely outside the seal to ensure non-clog operation.

Chesterton 442 Split Seal

Chesterton 442 Split Seal technology is designed specifically for large equipment, and can be installed without disassembling the pump. It provides leak-free sealing combined with high levels of durability, and when combined with Enviroseal SpiralTrac active throat bushing technology, it also provides improved cooling and highly effective solid removal.

Slurry Sealing Program Equipment and Application Targets

  • Limestone side entry mixers
  • Tailings pond pumps
  • Hard metal pumps
  • Process slurry pumps
  • Sludge pumps
  • Dewatering pumps
  • Grit pumps
  • Deflakers
  • Boiler bottom ash pumps
  • Phosphate pumps
  • Mash pumps
  • Lime mud pumps
  • Scrubber fly ash
  • River water pumps
  • Waste stream pumps
  • Feed pulp pumps
  • Stock pumps
  • Evaporators
  • Transfer pumps
  • Broke pulpers
  • Screens
  • Progressive cavity pumps
  • Shaft bottom pumps
  • Starch washing pumps
  • Coatings pumps
  • Beneficiation pumps
  • Liquor pumps
  • Refiners
  • Dryers

Find out more

If you want to know more call the head of our Fluid Sealing division Mathew Howell on 0428 731 732 or 1300 653 229, or you can get in touch via email at [email protected]