Water Asset Inspection and Reporting


FITT Resources provides asset condition inspections conducted by experienced specialists across all areas of the water industry and all types of asset and installation, including:

  • Sewage treatment works
  • Water treatment plants
  • Submersible pump stations
  • Chemical dosing tanks
  • Reservoirs
  • Manholes
  • Water towers
  • Water tanks
  • Reservoir tanks
  • Swimming pools

Once a condition assessment has been completed, we provide operators with a detailed report outlining the overall condition and soundness of all water assets and equipment, along with recommendations for any repair and/or maintenance work that may be required. These are graded 1 to 5 so that water operators can prioritise maintenance actions and also keep an accurate and up-to-date register of all assets.

When off-site repair and refurbishment work is required, we are able to undertake this at our specialist workshop and will oversee the reinstallation of all reconditioned (or new) equipment.

As well as one-off inspections, we can work with operators to establish a regular schedule for ongoing condition inspections that will enable problems to be identified and rectified as early as possible, ensuring continued safe and efficient operation of all water assets.

Pump and rotating equipment repairs

As industry leaders in pumps and rotating equipment, we have unrivalled workshop facilities and a highly-skilled team of engineers, technical and trade specialists that enables us to undertake off-site maintenance, repairs and refurbishment on all types of water equipment. Once completed, we then take care of on-site re-installation and alignment of your reconditioned asset or, if necessary, the installation of replacement equipment.

Our ability to offer a comprehensive service that covers every aspect of water asset management – from inspection and reporting, to on-site maintenance, to more complex and time-consuming repair and refurbishment jobs – ultimately minimises downtime and makes the business of keeping your water assets online simpler, quicker and much more convenient.

The services that we are able to undertake off-site in our workshop include:

  • Water pump overhaul and refurbishment
  • Reservoir pump overhaul and refurbishment
  • Submersible pump overhaul and refurbishment
  • Motor overhaul including gearbox, air blower and valve refurbishment