FITT Resources Reliability Centre in Lisarow NSW


FITT Resources specialises in dewatering equipment, and we provide a range of testing, overhaul and repair services at our advanced workshop facility in Lisarow, located on the NSW Central Coast.

The FITT Resources Reliability Centre is a fully integrated 2,500 m2 workshop facility equipped with a range of specialist machinery, including a horizontal and vertical borer, blasting and coating equipment, machining facilities, rotating element balancing equipment, a 10-tonne lifting capacity, and a close loop test rig.

These facilities mean that we have significant capability when it comes to working on dewatering equipment and submersible pumps, and our highly experienced team of project managers, engineers, technical and trade specialists provides an extensive range of support services designed to make sure your dewatering projects stay on schedule.


The Dewatering Division at Lisarow has extensive experience and engineering skills that can enhance the operating reliability and life-span of all types of dewatering equipment, and this diverse range of capabilities means we can provide a one-stop service offering total solutions.

We work with you to design a complete bespoke package that meets your specific needs and requirements, and provide a comprehensive range of engineering services that helps you achieve cost-effective performance throughout the life cycle of assets.

Alongside our workshop services, we also undertake field and on-site work, including refurbishment, overhaul and commissioning services for all types of dewatering equipment, including shut down maintenance services.

Engineered for service

Whatever sector or industry you operate in, our Dewatering Division provides a range of support services that can be customised to suit your needs.

We provide full reporting with root cause analysis on all dewatering repair, rebuild and refurbishment projects, along with pre-delivery testing, ongoing logistics support, and complete service and repair backup.

Our specialist equipment and facilities enable us to take on all types of maintenance and overhaul work, with the aim of delivering long-term equipment reliability while reducing operating costs and the total cost of ownership.


To help ensure the ongoing efficiency of dewatering pumps and equipment, we provide regular monitoring and maintenance services to ensure that potential problems are dealt with efficiently and in a cost effective manner so that they do not develop into serious issues that can cause downtime. Our specialist team monitors changes in system and pump conditions and takes preemptive action when required to avoid dewatering equipment having to be taken out of service.

To achieve this, we work in close partnership with operators to develop bespoke maintenance programs that cover inspection, refurbishment and upgrade, and which deliver long-term equipment reliability that minimises costly downtime.

Optimised performance

Technicians from our Dewatering Division can help you to optimise operating capability and cost effectiveness by improving the energy efficiency of your dewatering equipment. We can eliminate losses in energy and ensure that your equipment is running at its best efficiency point (BEP) by identifying, re-engineering or replacing components that are having an adverse effect on energy consumption and output.


We are committed to finding the best possible solutions and ensuring that all equipment and machinery is fit for purpose.

We carry a large amount of commonly required QEM spare parts in Australia, and if not in stock we can work closely with our supply partners to provide product that meet your operation requirements.

Our professional, knowledgeable and experienced sales team can supply OEM spare parts for all types of dewatering pumps and equipment. We can also engineer and supply customised dewatering equipment components that are interchangeable with OEM, but more cost effective and engineered to higher standards, through our partnership with 7D Team.

ISO Accreditation

FITT Resources is accredited against the international standard Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2015. This standard recognises that we provide products and services that meet all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, and demonstrates our commitment to customer satisfaction.

We have also been awarded AS/NZS 4801:2001 Occupational Health and Safety certification, the Australian standard related to the provision of pumps, mechanical seals and packing devices. It covers sales, distribution, products and technical support, along with refurbishment, fabrication and associated engineering tasks. The standard also covers our provision of onsite maintenance, service and repairs.


To find out more about the full range of dewatering equipment maintenance, repair and overhaul services at our NSW workshop in Lisarow, call Chris Molloy on 0404 483 998 or email [email protected].