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Liberty Pumps is one of the world’s leading international manufacturers of waste water pump technology.

Based in the US, Liberty Pumps is known worldwide for producing high quality sump, sewage and effluent pumps for the domestic and semi-industrial waste water industries, and has been manufacturing pumping products for ground water and waste water removal in residential and commercial applications for almost fifty years.

The extensive range of Liberty waste water pumps includes:

  • sump pumps
  • effluent pumps
  • solids handling and sewage pumps
  • grinder pumps

Renowned for its technologically superior, high performance products, FITT Resources supplies Liberty submersible sump pumps, back-up sump pumps, high temp sump pumps and sumpbox systems, along with high head, mid range head and low head effluent pumps. We can also supply complete pressurised waste pumping systems.

Liberty Pumps also produces macerating toilet systems, including the Ascent-II series, sewage pump systems such as the Liberty 1100-Series Duplex Sewage System, and the LSG200-Series Omnivore range of grinders.

FiTT Resources is proud to be the sole Australian distributor of Liberty Pumps and to be able to provide its wide range of products to the Australian construction and engineering sectors.