SPP Pumps


SPP Pumps Australia

SPP is one of the world’s best-known manufacturers of centrifugal pumps and systems and specialises in producing industry-leading self-priming pumps.

FITT Resources are able to supply across Australia and New Zealand a comprehensive range of SPP equipment that can be used in a wide variety of applications, “Engineered Pumping Solutions Focused on Markets where Application Knowledge, Service and Expertise Add Value”

For more than 130 years SPP Pumps has been a leading manufacturer of centrifugal pumps and associated systems, a global principal in design, supply and servicing of pumps, pump packages and equipment for a wide range of applications and industry sectors. With the most well-known and recognizable in Australia and New Zealand being the Q Series Autoprime Pumps


Offering a highly efficient and cost-effective pumping solution, the Q-series from SPP is notable for its versatility and reliability, and is manufactured to help operators maximise the return on their investment.

This diesel-operated self-priming pump comes in four different sizes and a total of seven models, meaning that all users can find the right configuration to suit their precise needs.

Energy efficient (with fuel tanks large enough for a week’s operation), low noise emitting and featuring 110% liquid containment, Q-series self-priming pumps are easy to transport and can be used in a wide variety of dewatering applications, including:

  • ground water control
  • flood relief
  • sewage over-pumping
  • well point dewatering
  • tank sediment cleaning
  • industrial sludge pumping