Water Asset Remediation and Rehabilitation


As water industry specialists, FITT Resources is able to provide on-site repair, remediation and rehabilitation of all water assets.

It is essential that water infrastructure used for the supply of water or treatment of wastewater remains structurally sound, as deterioration of steel or concrete caused by corrosion or other factors could lead to leaking and compromise an asset’s integrity. It is imperative that poorly performing or structurally unsound water assets are repaired quickly and efficiently.

Our experienced, specialist team is equipped to provide a range of repair and refurbishment solutions for all types of water industry assets in order to strengthen essential structures and improve overall service life.

This extends to the remediation and rehabilitation of all infrastructure related to the safe and effective operation of water assets, including:

  • Reservoirs
  • Sewage treatment works
  • Water treatment plants
  • Submersible pump stations
  • Chemical dosing tanks
  • Manholes
  • Water towers
  • Water tanks
  • Reservoir tanks
  • Swimming pools

We can also provide water storage and concrete repair solutions across Australia on all forms of water infrastructure, such as crack repair, concrete reclamation and asset painting, as well as devising plans and schedules for routine maintenance.

FITT Resources also undertakes the design, commissioning and installation of new pumping and dewatering equipment suitable for all types of water industry applications.

Our team of water specialists provides a comprehensive service that covers every aspect of water asset management, including high quality remediation and rehabilitation work that minimises downtime and keeps your water assets online. The extensive range of services we provide includes:

  • STW and WTW asset refurbishment
  • Water and sewage pump repairs
  • STW inlet box and channel refurbishment
  • Sewage pump station wet well refurbishment
  • Submersible confined space site services
  • Submersible pump station concrete rebuilding and coating
  • Installing new pipework, pump pedestals and guardrail systems
  • Re-engineering pump positions
  • Seal and joint repairs
  • Chemical dosing tanks sealing and relining
  • Filtrate plant crack repair and painting
  • Trickle filter repair and refurbishment
  • Water tower and reservoir leak and joint repairs
  • Reservoir pump overhaul, site installation and alignment
  • Reservoir tank relining
  • Relining wet well floors, walls and roofs
  • Machine synchronised auto lubrication system installation
  • Self-cleaning strainer installation
  • Manhole repair, sealing, relining and refurbishment
  • Swimming pool crack bridging and repair
  • Penstock repair and replacement
  • Rising main repair and replacement
  • Gate valve and non return valve (NRV) supply and installation
  • Vertical turbine pump (VTP) motor, coupling and mechanical seal overhaul and reinstallation
  • Water meter supply and installation
  • Abrasive blasting to remove failed coatings

We also provide external reservoir water tank refurbishment, including cleaning using abrasive blasting or UHP cleaning, and applying sunproof concrete paint to protect against long-term weathering and to enhance the visual appearance.

In addition, FITT Resources carries out water asset inspections that gives operators an accurate, up-to-date register of the condition of all assets, and assists in the prioritisation of maintenance tasks. We can also provide regular ongoing condition inspections to ensure continued safe and efficient operation, and that steel and concrete remain properly protected going forward.

Whether it’s condition inspections and reporting, on-site repairs, or workshop-based refurbishments, we offer a full range of services designed to reduce downtime and keep your water assets online and functioning safely and effectively.