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Smith & Loveless Wastewater Pumping Systems now in Australia, supplied by FITT Resources

FITT Resources is delighted to announce that we are now supplying Smith & Loveless wastewater pumping systems in Australia.

Smith & Loveless has been producing highly durable, efficient and safe wastewater pump stations in the United States for more than seventy years, and FITT Resources is proud to be able to bring these high quality pumping solutions to the Australian water services industry.

Offering complete pumping solutions for both new projects and retrofits, Smith & Loveless wastewater pumping systems deliver durability and energy efficiency that create significant life-cycle cost savings.


Smith & Loveless Above Grade Water Pump

Everlast Above Ground Pump Stations

Smith & Loveless specialises in above-ground wastewater pumping stations that offer the water services industry a number of significant benefits and provide a major alternative to submersible pumps.

Everlast Wet Well Mounted Pump Stations reside above the wet well which makes inspection a much safer process. Maintenance and operation does not need to be carried out in a confined space, and there is no need for a valve vault. Likewise, the exposure to pathogens is reduced as wastewater falls back into the well, while the rotating assembly and mechanical seal can be accessed from the lifting stanchion.

In addition, the only priming mechanisms required are the Sonic Start Streamline Prime Sensing System, the solenoid valve, vacuum pump and vacuum tubing.

Smith & Loveless Everlast Above Grade Pump Stations are also noted for their long operational life, and with regular lubrication and maintenance you can expect to get 25 years or more reliable service, increasing efficiency and cost-effectiveness, especially when combined with the reduced costs when maintenance and inspection can be carried out above grade.

Smith & Loveless Pumping Systems

FITT Resources brings to the Australian water services industry a wide range of Smith & Loveless wastewater pumping systems and components, including:

  • Underground pump stations offering safe operator access and non-clog pumps providing efficient performance up to 20,000 GPM (1,380 lps).
  • Controls and accessories, including QuickSmart controllers that are intuitive to use and operate pumps through a graphical interface, with advanced touchscreen PLC and standard relay logic control options.
  • Pumps and components specifically designed for wastewater transfer that are low maintenance, energy efficient and offer long performance life and outstanding reliability.
  • Non-clog pumps designed for 7.6 cm solids handling and featuring custom-trimmed dual-port impellers that easily handle rags, wipes and flushables.

For more information about Smith & Loveless Everlast Above Ground Pump Stations, or any of its wastewater pumping systems, contact FITT Resources.


Smith & Loveless above ground pump station





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