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Water Asset Refurbishment for Reservoirs, Sewage Treatment and Water Treatment Plants

The FITT Resources Water Industry Services division provides comprehensive asset refurbishment services for reservoir tanks, water tanks, sewage treatment plants and water treatment plants across Australia.

It is essential that water infrastructure assets used for the supply of water or treatment of wastewater remain structurally sound, and that any deterioration of steel or concrete caused by corrosion or other factors that could compromise the asset’s integrity is repaired quickly and efficiently.

Our experienced, specialist team is equipped to devise repair and refurbishment solutions for all types of water industry assets in order to strengthen essential structures and to improve overall service life.

Australian On-site Water Industry Servicing and Repairs

As well as our fully-integrated workshop, we also provide on-site water services industry servicing and repairs

Water asset inspections

The FITT Resources Water Industry Services team carries out detailed condition inspections on all types of water assets, including water and sewage pumping stations, submersible pump stations, chemical dosing tanks, manholes, water towers and tanks, water reservoirs and swimming pools. These are completed using an established 1 to 5 grading schedule that enables operators to have an accurate, up-to-date register of the condition of all assets, and which also assists in the prioritisation of maintenance tasks.

Further to this, we can also provide regular ongoing condition inspections so that potential future problems can be identified and rectified as early as possible, ensuring continued safe and efficient operation of all water assets.

Reservoir tank repairs and refurbishment

Following on from an inspection, the FITT Resources Water Industry Services team will devise a repair and remediation program that ensures that your water assets are structurally sound once more, and that steel and concrete are protected so as to ensure ongoing operational life.

Depending on the type and structure of the water tank reservoir, and the nature of the remediation work that needs to be undertaken, our team will undertake some or all of the following procedures:

Abrasive blasting

Abrasive blasting or ultra high pressure (UHP) water blasting is used to remove existing failed coating systems and to expose construction joint seals. This procedure is also essential to prepare surfaces for the effective reapplication of protective coatings, crucial to preventing further corrosion and deterioration.

Concrete repair

Australian Reservoir and Tank Coating and Relining

Coating and relining for reservoir tanks, water tanks, sewage treatment plants and water treatment plants

Over time, many water assets can be affected by concrete cancer, which is generally the result of corrosion and cracking of the reinforcing steel. Concrete cancer, spalling and other forms of cement deterioration can be addressed through the application of a variety of processes. These include: Reo treatment, which is designed to penetrate concrete and attack existing corrosion or prevent its further onset; Intercrete coating, which is a two component, thixotropic, polymer modified cementitious coating for the protection of concrete substrates; and Fairing Coat Mortar, a fine textured, fast setting cementitious mortar that is specifically formulated for the repair of damaged concrete where only a thin layer is required.

Reservoir tank relining

One of the most effective methods for relining reservoir tanks that we employ is the Peerless Industrial Systems KIS flexible epoxy grout and caulking system. Joints first undergo diamond grinding, and KIS primer is then applied to them. This is allowed to cure, and then specially woven KIS fabric is placed over the construction joint and primed area, which creates a bridge and a secondary flexible seal. Finally, a strip coat of high-build protective sealing is applied to combat corrosive conditions and create an additional edge seal for the KIS fabric.

This is an ideal method of relining water tanks as it is suitable for concrete and steel substrates, and has high water resistance as well as resistance to a wide variety of chemicals.

External reservoir water tank refurbishment

In addition to undertaking leak repairs, joint repairs and other internal refurbishment, FITT Resources can also refurbish the external walls of water assets such as reservoir tanks. This can include cleaning using abrasive blasting or UHP cleaning, and applying sunproof concrete paint to protect against long-term weathering and to maintain appearances.

Off-site water asset repairs and refurbishment

In addition to undertaking on-site water asset repairs, FITT Resources has extensive workshop facilities in NSW and Queensland where our engineers and technical specialists refurbish and repair a wide variety of equipment.

Our services also include on-site reinstallation and alignment of reconditioned equipment, or the installation of replacement equipment if required.

Comprehensive Australian water tank repair service

FITT Resources provides a comprehensive service encapsulating every aspect of water asset management. Whether it’s condition inspections and reporting, on-site repairs, or workshop-based refurbishments, we offer a full range of services designed to reduce downtime and keep your water assets online and functioning safely and effectively.

 Australian Water Tank Sealing and Coating

FITT Resources provides the water industry with sealing and coating solutions for all reservoirs and tanks of all shapes and sizes