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Surging Ahead With Convergence Water

FITT Resources is currently engaged on its most significant service project to date, on behalf of one of the country’s largest utilities operators.

Under the guidance of Steve Keiler, Rhyan Slaney, Mick Cross and Brad Elzinga, the Pump Service Division is undertaking work for Confluence Water at the North Head wastewater treatment plant in Manly.

The scope of the work is the repair of raw sewage pump #5, inclusive of all site works, removal, installation and commission. The onsite team is tasked with overhauling the pump, motor and CW skid, as well as blasting and then coating the pump casing and pipework.

Aside from the scope and importance of the project, what is significant is that it is the culmination of the entire business coming together and contributing to the project.

As Brad Elzinga explains, “Winning projects of this importance, when they involve working on critical infrastructure, is a lengthy process. We have to be able to demonstrate the right levels of skills and experience, and not a lot of companies can do this.”

What enables FITT Resources to stand out is that all parts of the business contribute to our capacity to deliver on these and other major infrastructure projects.

For instance, our worksite teams demonstrate their professionalism, knowledge and an ability to communicate their understanding of the job every day, instilling confidence in utility operators.

Likewise, according to Workshop Manager Mick Cross, “When potential customers visit our workshop, they are constantly impressed by the ability and knowledge of the entire team on the floor. This reinforces our ability to bid for and win major contacts as it demonstrates our capacity and competences.”

Other divisions play their part as well, and there are multiple inputs to every successful job. For example, Sharon Callagher in procurement plays a crucial role, as do the back office teams in ensuring that the administrative and financial functions are supporting the onsite workforce.

Ultimately, the Confluence Water project exemplifies the ways in which a shared commitment to high quality work, based on corporate knowledge, skills and expertise, is at the heart of the business.

This means we can all share in FITT Resources’ growing catalogue of success.

Congratulations and well done Team FITT.

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