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FITT Resources and Grindex delivering for South East Water

FITT Resources is a leader in the dewatering space Australia wide, specialising in devising and supplying cost effective, high quality pump solutions to the construction, rental and wastewater industries.

Recently, our Dewatering Division has been working with South East Water on the supply, delivery and installation of a Grindex Senior sludge pump for use in dewatering the bioreactors at one of its wastewater treatment plants.

This high quality, durable pump that was chosen for its ease of operation, low maintenance, and capacity to handle a variety of conditions.

South East Water had previously been using a combination of other pumps, including a diesel pump, in this application. However, the Grindex Senior sludge pump provided a plug & play solution that was easy and straightforward to set up, and which made the clean up process simpler as well.

On site, South East Water has reported that the pump has neither blocked nor run dry, and consistently self-primes when the water is low. It has simplified the dewatering process considerably, enabling tanks to be completely emptied.

An additional benefit is that once running, there has been no need for the pump to be constantly monitored — instead, South East Water has essentially been able to set and forget, while the pump consistently delivers robust and reliable performance, and the capacity to efficiently handle even the heaviest of sludge.

Grindex Senior sludge pumps

The Grindex Senior sludge is an electric submersible pump featuring a Squirrel cage induction motor, as well as inbuilt controls, protection, phase sequence control and phase failure guard.

It has a maximum submersion depth of 20 metres, maximum liquid density of 1100 kg/m3, and is equipped to handle liquid temperatures of up to 40 °C (104 °F).

Read more about Grindex sludge pumps here.

Grindex Senior Sludge Pumps FITT Resources

Specialists in Australian dewatering services

Our work with South East Water is the latest in a long line of partnerships FITT Resources has established with major water authorities across Australia, such as Sydney Water and SA Water.

The FITT Resources Dewatering Division has built up extensive experience in all aspects of the construction, rental and wastewater industries, meaning we have the expertise to devise and deliver pump solutions in all types of application.

In addition to supplying and installing the full range of Grindex pumps across Australia, we also provide a comprehensive range of pump repair, overhaul and rebuild services, both on-site and in or extensive workshop facilities.

To find out more about our full range of dewatering services, call Chris Molloy on 0404 483 998 or email [email protected].

Grindex Submersible Sludge Pumps FITT Resources

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