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FITT Resources is a leading supplier of submersible pumps across Australia. With sales centres and workshops in Sydney, Central Coast NSW and Gladstone in Queensland, along with representatives in all other states, we can meet the needs of a wide range of industries across the country and supply premium quality submersible pumps from the world’s best manufacturers, including Dragflow and Grindex.

We work in close partnership with operators across a range of industries, including mining, mineral processing, manufacturing, marine, tunnelling and civil construction, and supply a variety of high quality submersible pumps, including:

  • Heavy duty agitator pumps
  • Super duty and high head electric pumps
  • Hydraulic dredge pumps
  • Drainage pumps
  • Sludge pumps
  • Slurry pumps
  • Stainless steel pumps

Dragflow submersible pumps

FITT Resources supplies Dragflow submersible pumps suitable for use in a range of heavy duty applications, including industry, mining, offshore and dredging.

Dragflow submersible pumps are notable for being able to operate in harsh Australian work environments, and help operators increase efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

Why choose Dragflow submersible pumps?

Dragflow specialises in submersible slurry pumps that are ideal for the Australian mining and marine industries. There are a number of outstanding features that make Dragflow equipment stand out, including robust construction, superb solids handling capabilities, along with a wide range of capacities.

Electric submersible pumps

Dragflow submersible electric pumps are industry leaders in the industrial and mining industries. Featuring an agitator and high abrasion resistance, the low rotation speed means they are able to handle material density up to 70%.

Hydraulic submersible pumps

When it comes to versatility and endurance, Dragflow submersible pumps are ideal for use in Australian conditions. Original developed for dredging applications, they are also suitable for use in the mining and industrial sectors. Hydraulic submersible pumps have high abrasion resistance and the speed can be adjusted according to the material being pumped.

Designed to cover large work areas, FITT Resources can supply both high head and high capacity versions.

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Dragflow dredges

Dragflow is also renowned for its range of submersible dredge pumps and dredges, including hoist/ladder/amphibious models. They also produce remote control dredges with a working depth of up to 50m below the surface and a discharge distance of up to 1km, and which can be used across a range of industries, including:

  • Chemical and industrial plant remediation
  • Mining remediation
  • Harbour and marina dredging
  • Channel, pond, lagoon, dam and canal cleaning
  • Sand extraction

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Grindex submersible pumps

FITT Resources is the exclusive Australian and New Zealand distributor for the entire range of Grindex submersible pumps.

Designed for demanding Australian applications, such heavy industry, mining, tunnelling and construction, Grindex submersible pumps provide long and efficient operational life.

We supply comprehensive range of submersible pumps across Australia, including:

Drainage pumps

Heavy-duty industrial strength submersible drainage pumps that are nevertheless light and portable, and designed for pumping large quantities of dirty water.

Sludge pumps

Suitable for pumping all types of mud and sludge, as well as light slurry, Grindex sludge pumps are ideal use in water with a high solid content.

Slurry pumps

Ideal for pumping coal and ore slurries, as well as dredging, Grindex submersible slurry pumps are designed for use with fluids containing highly abrasive solids.

Stainless steel pumps

Grindex Inox submersible stainless steel pumps are suitable for handling highly corrosive fluids and abrasive particles.

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Contact FITT Resources for submersible pumps across Australia

To find out more about our full range of Dragflow and Grindex submersible pumps, contact Dan Hechter on 0430 454 289 or email [email protected].

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