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Dewatering Equipment for Essential Operations

This is a difficult time for a variety of industries and sectors across Australia, and the operating climate is more uncertain than it has been for many years.

For many operators, their biggest cause for concern is the availability of essential equipment at a time when supply chains may be disrupted, particularly with regard to dewatering equipment sourced from overseas.

However, our specialist Dewatering Division is currently stocking a complete inventory of dewatering pumps that can be supplied without delay, thereby enabling operators to access high quality equipment even during this period of upheaval and possible unreliable supply.

At FITT Resources, our aim is to help keep as much of Australia working as we can. We know that even in the most difficult circumstances, essential works need to continue, and we are here to provide the highest levels of support possible.

We currently have the following premium dewatering equipment in stock and ready to ship:

  • FITT Resources Hüdig Pumps Australia

    HC488/25 electric dewatering mobile pump stations.

  • FITT Resources SPP Pumps Australia

    4”, 6” & 8” diesel driven autoprime pumps.

  • FITT Resources Dragflow Pumps Australia

    Electric and hydraulic submersible slurry pumps. Remote controlled dredge packages.

  • FITT Resources Grindex Pumps Australia

    Drainage, sludge and slurry pumps 0.45kW to 90kW.

To find out more, contact Chris Malloy, Head of the FITT Resources Dewatering, on 0404 483 998 or email [email protected].

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