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Water Industry Services Division Working to Provide Essential Services

We’re Here to Help keep Water and Sewer Authorities in Australia Operational

At FITT Resources, our aim is to help keep as much of Australia working as we can. We know that even in the most difficult circumstances, essential works need to continue, and we are here to provide the highest levels of support possible.

Throughout the current COVID-19 outbreak, we continue to provide essential infrastructure maintenance and engineering mechanical support to many Australian water authorities.

FITT Resources engineers, workshops and on-site teams will continue to provide essential services during this uncertain time. We’re here to help no matter how big or small the challenges are you may face.

The Water Industry Services Division is working to provide a range of essential services: we can work with you and your team either remotely or, if needed, practising high levels of personal distancing and hygiene.

  • Pump refurbishment and maintenance
  • General rotating equipment refurbishment
  • Valve refurbishment or replacement
  • Gearbox refurbishment and maintenance
  • Off-site workshop water and sewer asset repair and refurbishment
  • On-site maintenance and refurbishment of all water assets
  • Water asset inspections and reporting (if needed we can do this via video link)
  • Manhole repairs and refurbishment
  • STP, WTP, SPS & WPS refurbishment, repairs and maintenance
  • Reservoir and tank repair and maintenance
  • Cracks and leakage repairs
  • General concrete repair and coatings
  • Installation of new and/or refurbished equipment
Contact the FITT Resources Water Industry Services Division

Richard Arthur
Telephone: 0404 993 806
Email: [email protected]

Water Asset Inspections and Reporting FITT Resources

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