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Chesterton 1622 Valve Sealing Solutions for Controlling Fugitive Emissions

Valves are generally accepted as being one of the most common sources of fugitive emissions, particularly in the oil and gas sectors, most frequently occurring around the valve stem or valve body, at end connections, or past the valve seat.

At FITT Resources, we provide a range of Chesterton sealing solutions designed to control fugitive emissions caused by valve leaks, reducing Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) monitoring costs.

Chesterton 1622 Low E Control Packing for Block Valves

Chesterton 1622 Low Emissions Valve Packing is one of the most effective tools on the market in Australia for reducing block valve VOC emissions.

Chesterton 1622 combines layers of graphite strands braided into one, with each strand reinforced by an Alloy 600 mesh covering. High temperature locking agents are added, and it forms a dense, flexible packing that is impregnated with lubricants and a passive corrosion inhibitor, making it the ideal low emissions packing for isolation valves.

Benefits of Chesterton 1622 packing

The unique construction of Chesterton 1622 Low Emissions Valve Packing reduces surface contact, while the graphite platelets and surface lubricant reduce stem friction. It’s a non-hardening, flexible packing constructed from an inconel-reinforced mesh with internal exfoliated graphite that keeps it from shrinking or absorbing moisture.

1622 Low E packing can be used in both high and low temperature emissions applications, and is a long-term, low friction packing, guaranteed to not leak in excess of 100 ppm for a period of five years.

Chesterton 1622 Low E packing also minimises the need for stem replacements, stuffing box machining, and costly leakage. It incorporates passive corrosion inhibitors (which are not consumed) in order to minimise galvanic corrosion on any valve parts that are in contact with the packing. This means that valves remain sealed and operable, and are easy to remove.

A further key advantage for oil and gas industry operators is that the use of a single standard style of packing means you can reduce the size of your inventory. The simple, single spool installation also means that less training for technicians is required, and there are fewer installation errors.

Chesterton 1622 Low E Valve Packing FITT Resources

Chesterton 1622 Low E Valve Packing

Key features of Chesterton 1622 Low Emissions packing

  • Extremely low emissions
  • Single spool packing
  • High-pressure capability
  • ISO 15848-1 passed CO2 at 200 ̊C to the tightness class BH
  • ISO 15848-1 passed CO2 at 400 ̊C to the tightness class BH
  • Suitable for applications including light and heavy hydrocarbons, VOCs, VHAPs, steam, and most non-oxidising chemicals
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Contact FITT Resources to learn more about Chesterton seals

To learn more about Chesterton 1622 Low E Valve Packing and how it can help to cut down fugitive emissions in the Australian oil and gas industry, contact our Head of Sealing Division Mathew Howell on 0428 731 732 or [email protected].

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