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Sydney Water : Partnering for Success

With the awarding of a new major contract from Sydney Water, FITT Resources has further enhanced its leading position and reputation in the NSW water services industry.

Sydney Water provides water and wastewater services to the Sydney metropolitan, Illawarra and Blue Mountains regions. Its area of operations covers approximately 13,000 square kilometres and comprises water and wastewater treatment facilities, distribution / collection network assets and stormwater assets.

FITT Resources has successfully tendered in three categories as part of Sydney Water’s new Partnering for Success (P4S) delivery model:

  • Supply, repair and overhaul of submersible pumping units, including supply of their components
  • Supply, repair and overhaul of centrifugal pumping units, including supply of their components
  • Supply, repair and overhaul of positive displacement pumping units, including supply of their components

How we met the criteria

FITT Resources was awarded this contract on the basis of our ability to fulfil Sydney Water’s mandatory and technical criteria across these essential areas:

Safety management

We were able to demonstrate robust safety management capability, and the ability to manage related risk and effectively control potential hazards. In addition, we were able to reference our successful past performance with regard to WHS and incident management.

Response capability

FITT Resources was able to provide evidence of our ability to meet Sydney Water’s response time requirements in terms of collection and assessment of pumps and ability to supply components. Similarly, we were able to demonstrate that we have robust systems in place with regard to our workshop operations, logistics, inventory supply, and our ability to maintain quality of service.


We were successfully able to demonstrate that FITT Resources workshop personnel and technicians have sufficient and relevant experience, qualifications and capability to undertake the scope of work.

Approach to repair and overhaul

A central pillar of being awarded this contract was our approach to asset repair and overhaul. We were able to meet Sydney Water’s requirements in terms of:
How repair and overhaul requests are managed, time management, experience and capabilities, lead time management, testing, and conformance to OEM specs and commissioning;

  • The type and range of pumps which we are able to repair and overhaul in our workshop;
  • Our ability to manage workshop scheduling and expedite requests; and
  • Our ability to undertake work on pumps from various manufacturers.
Supply and support

FITT Resources has also shown itself to be capable of maintaining product quality and providing ongoing support to the highest standards. We were able to demonstrate:

  • Products we supply meet Sydney Water specifications and are tested to conform to OEM specs;
  • Ability to provide ongoing technical product support and maintenance; and
  • Ability to meet supply requirements in terms of inventory management, warehouse locations and supply chain arrangements.

We were able to demonstrate an ability to innovate and adapt to new and emerging technologies, along with a sustainable approach to supply chain management, repairs and overhaul.

Quality management

FITT Resources complies with Sydney Water’s Quality Management System (certified to ISO19001), and we were able to provide appropriate documentation with regard to risk assessments, continuous improvement plans, inspection test plans, inspection and audit programs.

Sustainable procurement & environment

We are able to comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations, make sustainable procurement decisions, and provide equipment, materials, training, personnel and other resources that meet Sydney Water’s environmental management requirements.

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