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NSW Local Government Procurement Panel

FITT Resources has been awarded a new contract by the NSW Local Government Procurement Panel to undertake a range of water industry construction, repair and restoration work.

FITT Resources has been awarded contracts under the auspices of the NSW Local Government Procurement Panel in two categories:

  • Water, wastewater treatment and distribution
  • Swimming pool and reservoir construction

Water, Wastewater Treatment and Distribution

We have been contracted to undertake construction, repairs and restoration of both new, existing or ageing water infrastructure, including:

  • Water and waste water treatment plants, desalination plants, water and sewage pump stations, sewer & storm water manholes & culverts; and
  • Water mains laying, new service connection, high pressure tapping and water meter replacement.

Swimming Pool and Reservoir Construction

FITT Resources has also been awarded a contract for a range of construction works pertaining to water facilities (including swimming pools and reservoirs), plus associated activities, including the repair and restoration of new, existing and ageing infrastructure.

FITT Resources’ Range of Water Industry Services

FITT Resources provides a comprehensive range of water industry services for NSW local authorities in both metropolitan and regional areas, including:

  • Water asset inspections and reporting
  • On-site maintenance and refurbishment of all water assets
  • Manhole repairs and refurbishment
  • Crack repairs and concrete remediation
  • Installation of new and/or refurbished equipment
  • Off-site workshop water asset repair and refurbishment
  • Mechanical services including pump and valve overhaul and supply
Water Asset Inspection and Reporting

We undertake water asset condition inspections across all areas of the water industry and all types of asset and installation, including:

  • Sewage treatment works
  • Water treatment plants
  • Submersible pump stations
  • Chemical dosing tanks
  • Reservoirs
  • Manholes
  • Water towers
  • Water tanks
  • Reservoir tanks
  • Swimming pools

As part of an assessment, we provide detailed reports outlining the overall condition of all water assets and equipment, along with recommendations for repair and/or maintenance work.

If off-site repair and refurbishment work is required, this can be done at our specialist workshop , and we also oversee the reinstallation of any reconditioned (or new) equipment.

In addition to one-off inspections, we can also schedule ongoing condition inspections that enable problems to be identified and rectified early, ensuring safe and efficient operation and reducing downtime.

Water Asset Remediation and Rehabilitation

FITT Resources is a water industry specialist and we provide on-site repair, remediation and rehabilitation of all water assets.

Our experienced team provides a range of repair and refurbishment solutions for all types of water industry assets in order to strengthen essential structures and improve overall service life.

This extends to the remediation and rehabilitation of all infrastructure related to the safe and effective operation of water assets, including:

  • Reservoirs
  • Sewage treatment works
  • Water treatment plants
  • Submersible pump stations
  • Chemical dosing tanks
  • Manholes
  • Water towers
  • Water tanks
  • Reservoir tanks
  • Swimming pools

FITT Resources also undertakes the design, commissioning and installation of new pumping and dewatering equipment suitable for all types of water industry applications.

We also provide external reservoir water tank refurbishment, including cleaning using abrasive blasting or UHP cleaning, and applying sunproof concrete paint to protect against long-term weathering and to enhance the visual appearance.

Manhole Repair and Refurbishment

The FITT Resources Manhole Repair and Replacement System utilises Mr Manhole technology that was first developed in the US, and which makes the process of removing an existing manhole cover and repairing or replacing it significantly quicker and simpler.

Our system is highly efficient and reduces the overall downtime required, as well as minimising delays and disruption to traffic, especially important when manhole repairs are being carried out in areas with large traffic volumes. It is also extremely versatile, and can repair manholes with diameters of up to 1.8 m in both asphalt and concrete.

FITT Resources manhole rehabilitation and refurbishment services also include concrete reclamation, infiltration sealing, and manhole relining and corrosion protection.

Manhole Inspection Service

We also provide manhole inspection services in order to ascertain the structural integrity and efficiency of a manhole and its surrounds, so that effective remediation programmes can be put into place.

This ensures ongoing structural integrity can result in lower costs and greater efficiency. We can identify and report on damage that has been caused by gas or tree roots, as well as cracks and fractures in the manhole lining, or pre-empt the need for major repairs by identifying potential weaknesses before they become serious problems.

Reservoir Tank Inspection and Maintenance

The FITT Resources Water Industry Services division provides inspections and asset refurbishment services for reservoir tanks of all sizes, including leak repairs, joint repairs and other internal refurbishment.

Our detailed condition inspections enable operators to have a complete and up-to-date register of the condition of all reservoir tanks and water assets, which assists in the prioritising of any repair or refurbishment work that is required.

Remediation services include ultra high pressure (UHP) water blasting or abrasive blasting in order to removed failed coatings and expose joint seals, the reapplication of protective coatings in order to prevent further corrosion and deterioration, as well as extensive concrete repair.

If necessary, we can also undertake repairs on pumps and other dewatering equipment at one of our specialist workshops. We can also reinstall and align reconditioned pumps, or install new pumping equipment if required.

Sewage and Treatment Works

We specialise in comprehensive asset inspection, rehabilitation and maintenance services for sewage treatment works and water treatment plants, and carry out detailed condition inspections of all types of water snd sewage pumping stations, helping operators to understand the condition of assets in detail, as well as the maintenance and rehabilitation tasks that are most pressing.

Following on from this, our Water Industry Services team also works with operators in delivering ongoing programs of condition inspection, so that potential future problems can be recognised snd attended to as soon as possible.

Remediation services can include:

  • Installing temporary internal access equipment for use during refurbishment
  • Removing corroded access ladders and platforms
  • Installing new pipework, pump pedestals and guardrail systems
  • Re-engineering pump positions over existing site lifting equipment
  • UHP water blasting to remove deteriorated concrete
  • Relining wet well floors, walls and roofs
Pump Repair and Refurbishment

FITT Resources has a team of highly-skilled engineers who can undertake maintenance, repairs and refurbishment on all types of pumps and dewatering equipment.

In addition, we have extensive workshop facilities in both NSW and Queensland where we can undertake off-site pump repairs, while our team will also take care of on-site re-installation and alignment of reconditioned pumps or, if necessary, undertake the installation of replacement equipment.

Our range of pump repair services include:

  • Water pump overhaul and refurbishment
  • Reservoir pump overhaul and refurbishment
  • Submersible pump overhaul and refurbishment
  • Motor overhaul, including gearbox, air blower and valve refurbishment
Crack Repair and Remediation

We specialise in crack repair, concrete remediation and corrosion protection that prevents concrete from failing and impacting adversely on the operation of water and wastewater systems, or any type of water asset.Concrete in these environments is particularly susceptible to corrosion and degradation, which can reduce operational safety, efficiency and working life.

Therefore, the need for crack repair and concrete remediation in these circumstances is vital, as is taking steps to protect against the onset of corrosion.

Protective coatings to prevent concrete corrosion

Protective coatings are highly effective in combating aggressive fluids, creating a barrier between corrosive liquids and materials and the concrete which prevents absorption and reaction. Rehabilitating concrete infrastructure using protective coatings is a highly effective way of increasing performance life, reducing future rehabilitation costs, and lowering the risk of asset failure.

Our experienced Water Services Industry division provides a comprehensive range of crack repair and concrete remediation services for water assets such as reservoir tanks, manholes, water towers, submersible pump stations, chemical dosing tanks and swimming pools.