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FITT Resources and Chesterton Support for the Water and Wastewater Industry

FITT Resources supplies an extensive range of Chesterton mechanical and polymer seals, mechanical packing and gaskets, and provides support to all sectors of the Australian water and wastewater industries.

Chesterton’s industry-leading solutions deliver a range of benefits for water industry operators, including:

  • Reducing energy and water consumption
  • Lowering maintenance costs and extending operating life
  • Improving workplace safety 

Benefits of Chesterton fluid sealing solutions

In partnership with Chesterton, FITT Resources provides comprehensive service and support for water treatment and wastewater plants, and work with operators to deliver greater equipment longevity and durability.

Our range of Chesterton fluid sealing products includes seals for pumps, mixers, agitators and valves, as well as hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. We also supply lubricants and MRO products, industrial coatings for concrete and metal, along with wireless monitoring capability for critical equipment.

Reduce maintenance costs and extended uptime

Chesterton mechanical seals, rotary seals and packing products are designed to deliver lower maintenance costs and extended uptime for water industry operators. In particular, they can extend the life and efficiency of ageing plant, equipment and infrastructure, which is a constant challenge confronting the wastewater industry in Australia.

Lower water and energy consumption

Chesterton active throat bushing technology is designed to remove particle from pump stuffing boxes and away from packing and mechanical seals, increasing the operating life of seals. Used in conjunction with SpiralTrac seal protection technology, Chesterton sealing deices can also eliminate flush water consumption while maintaining operating reliability.

Predictive maintenance reduces costs and downtime

The Chesterton Connect Pump Monitoring System enables the ongoing monitoring of processes and operating conditions, including equipment vibration, surface and process temperature, and process pressure. Predictive maintenance can produce substantial savings by reducing downtime and unnecessary repair costs.

Improve workplace safety 

Chesterton split seals that can be installed without the need for large equipment disassembly, and packing options require fewer adjustments. This not only saves hours of labour and reduces downtime, but also reduces the exposure of personnel to operating equipment, mitigating the risk of workplace injuries.

FITT Resources Fluid Sealing Division

To find out more about our full range of Chesterton mechanical and polymer seals, contact Mathew Howell on 0428 731 732 or email [email protected].

Chesterton Water and Wastewater Industry Brochure FITT Resources

Click on the image to download the Chesterton Water and Wastewater Brochure.

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