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Sewage Treatment Plant Repairs and Refurbishment in Rural NSW

FITT Resources has recently completed a variety of repair and refurbishment work at sewage treatment plants across rural NSW on behalf of several different local authorities.

Work was undertaken for Lachlan Shire Council and Narrabri Shire Council, with whom we have already established working relationships, as well as Hilltops Council and Leeton Shire Council, with whom we have created new partnerships.

The range of services we provide include concrete corrosion and crack repair, joint renewal, injection leak sealing, mechanical refurbishment, intercrete lining and relining on a variety of water industry facilities and structures, including trickle filters, sewer vent stacks, wet wells, dam spillways and effluent tanks.

Specialists in Sewage Treatment Plant Repairs

Our Water Industry Services team undertook a range of different work across these facilities, including concrete refurbishment, crack repair and sealing, and mechanical work refurbishing the rotating elements.

The expertise and experience of the team at FITT Resources means that we can undertake all of the different elements required by this type of project, providing local authorities with a cost-effective, inclusive approach to refurbishment and work that is completed to the highest standards.

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  • Sewage Treatment Plant Repairs

    Trickle filter repairs and refurbishment

Trickle filter repair and refurbishment

Much of the work required was on the trickle filters in sewage treatment plants that have been in operation for lengthy periods of time. These are a central component in the treatment of waste water and represent a significant capital investment for local authorities. In order to treat sewage and waste water effectively and safely, trickle filters need to be structurally sound and operating at maximum efficiency.

Crack injection

A significant part of the work required was crack injection to restore the structural integrity of the concrete in the trickle filter.

This is a highly versatile approach to concrete crack repair, as after the polyurethane has been injected into the voids, it has sufficient flexibility to prevent further cracks appearing, while also being stronger than the original concrete.

UHP blasting

UHP blasting is used to treat concrete cancer that has impacted on the structural integrity of a trickle filter. Water blasted at high pressure is used to remove deteriorated concrete and stripping back to the substrate. This damaged concrete can then be replaced, restoring the overall strength and safety of then structure.

Inlet channel repairs

The concrete in sewage treatment plant inlet channels is subject to H2S gas attacks, which can cause them to deteriorate significantly. As part of our repair and refurbishment services, we reline these to ensure ongoing safe operation.

Pump repairs and overhaul

FITT Resources specialises in pump repairs across Australia, and we overhaul and refurbish all types of pumping equipment used in water treatment and sewage plants. Pump repairs can be undertaken both on and off site, and our services include the overhaul, commissioning and reinstallation of a variety of rotating equipment.