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Meet our new Business Development Manager : Jeremy Tuerlings

FITT Resources is delighted to announce the appointment in August 2017 of Jeremy Tuerlings as its new Business Development Manager.

Business Development Manager, Jeremey Tuerlings

Welcome to new Business Development Manager, Jeremey Tuerlings

Jeremy, whose work will be mainly centred around the Central Coast and Hunter Valley regions, comes to FITT Resources after a long and varied career in a wide variety of marine and water services industries, and he has a wealth of experience across a number of sectors, including oil and gas, pump manufacture, as well as a ten-year stint working at sea as an engineering officer.

Originally from the Netherlands, where he gained a degree in Marine Engineering, Jeremy has previously worked in the UK and New Zealand, and brings a range of new experience and expertise to the talented team at FITT Resources.

“It’s great to join a company that’s growing,” said Jeremy when asked about his appointment, “and a team that’s full of positive, knowledgeable people.”

Jeremy sees exploring new ways in which to capitalise on this skills and knowledge base as one of the most important aspects of his role, along with finding new areas in which FITT Resources can use the workforces’s wide-ranging expertise to apply technology and create better solutions for clients.

“For instance, we’re not only about undertaking servicing and repairs, but just as much about resolving the problems that cause the need for repair. Using our wide knowledge base and successfully incorporating new technologies, we can apply solutions that reduce ownership costs for clients, which is ultimately more effective and efficient going forward.”

Further to this, fostering positive client relationships and working in partnership are areas in which Jeremy will devote much of his time in his role as Business Development Manager. “To create loyalty, there has to be something in it for the customer, too,” he explained. “Our role is always to find solutions that work in the client’s interests, because without customers you’re nothing. Loyalty has to be earned, and we achieve this through providing successful solutions based on technical merit and what works most effectively.”

Although new to the role and the company, the team at FITT Resources and the working environment has had a positive impact on Jeremy. “There’s a highly skilled team here who are all committed to growing the business, so there’s a really positive vibe. People enjoy their jobs and have highly specialised knowledge, and so everyone in the workforce is very engaged when it comes to finding the best solutions and reducing costs for our clients.”


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