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Long life sealing for severe slurry applications

Selecting the correct packing can reduce lifecycle costs of slurry pumps. Packing comes in a number of materials and selecting the right material for a pumping project can be a balancing act. However, there is a new solution which combines two materials to extend packing life in severe slurry applications.

DualPac 2211

DualPac 2211

An innovative solution

Aramid and PTFE are two popular packing materials. While aramid is strong and resilient it is high friction, and fret shafts and sleeves. On the other hand, PTFE is low friction and kind to shafts but can consolidate and extrude.

These issues cause a loss of compression, which results in leakage and regular packing adjustments.

AW Chesterton, a market leader in pump sealing solutions, has released a new innovative braiding technology which combines aramids and PTFEs to maximise the benefits of both materials without the disadvantages.

DualPac 2211 utilises graphite-filled ePTFE against the shaft where it provides excellent sealing capability and low friction, and aramid is placed against the stuffing box bore to resist consolidation without shaft wear.

DualPac 221 installed in pump

DualPac 221 installed in pump

By combining the two materials, there is a decrease in gland adjustments, creating better shaft contact, and an increase in leak control and fewer adjustments than similar packing configurations. This results in extended life in severe slurry applications.

As aramid has high resiliency it prevents the loss of load through consolidation and extrusion. Compared to similar packing configurations it results in fewer adjustments, which delays the gland from bottoming out and causing uncontrollable leaking, significantly increasing the life of the packing.

DualPac 2211 also has notably less leakage as the ePTFE creates a seal against the shaft, which is maintained with the aramid. Less leakage results in less product loss, less maintenance and safer operating environments.

The packing has the added benefit of lower power consumption due to the low friction ePFTE combined with lubricants. This saves energy and money over the life of the packing.

Versatile configurations

DualPac 2211 can be installed in multiple configurations to suit individual applications.

DualPac 2211 can be installed in multiple configurations to suit individual applications.

DualPac 2211 can also be configured to suit the specifications of individual applications. For example, in applications dealing with aggressive solids or extrusion, the aramid can be placed against the bottom or top of the stuffing box as it is strong and extrusion-resistant.

The option to place the aramid at the bottom of the stuffing box also reduces the contact the aramid has with the shaft, reducing wear and increasing uptime.

By allowing for multiple configurations there is no need for an anti-extrusion ring, eliminating the need for storing multiple packing products.

Challenging applications

DualPac 2211 is ideal for use with critical equipment such as pumps, agitators and mixers which handle abrasive slurries.

Markets, including mining and ore processing will benefit from this technology, seeing a reduction in costs over the lifecycle of the product and their pumps.

This product can also be combined with Enviroseal’s Spiraltrac to further enhance gland sealing life through water reduction and mitigation of the effect of solids.They can be used together in slurry applications and water reduction programs to allow for standardisation of product.

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