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FITT Resources Manhole Repair and Replacement System

An important part of FITT Resources’ work with the Australian water services industry is manhole repairs. Now, as part of our ongoing drive to provide the best and largest range of services to Australian water industry operators and local councils, we are now able to complete manhole repairs more efficiently and cost-effectively with the FITT Resources Manhole Repair and Replacement System.

Utilising Mr Manhole technology that was developed in the US, the process of removing an existing manhole cover and repairing or replacing it is made significantly quicker and simpler through the ability of this innovative equipment to cut clean, circular holes around manhole frames. As a result, removing an exisiting manhole cover, undertaking repairs and completing any remediation work can be done much more efficiently. 

The FITT Resources Manhole Repair and Replacement System employs a circular cutting arm with between 4 and 6 rotating blades that are operated via a heavy-duty auger drive. The blades rotate at high speed, cutting into the surface around the manhole cover, gradually going deeper until they are below the depth of the manhole frame. The entire frame and the area around it can then be lifted out of the ground in a single piece, leaving a clean incision in the manhole surrounds.

Manhole Repairs Australia Mr Manhole

(Please note: this image is for illustrative purposes only. Encapsulation is put in place when the system is in full use.)

As this area around the manhole frame is excavated cleanly and in a single piece, once the manhole cover has been put back or a new one installed in its place, restoring the asphalt or concrete surrounding it and creating a smooth and level surface is very quick and easy to do, meaning that the traffic disruption caused by manhole repairs are minimised.

Australian Manhole Repair Services

Mr Manhole technology creates a clean, circular cut.

Overall, the FITT Resources Manhole Repair and Replacement System means that manhole covers needing repair and refurbishment can be excavated far more quickly than using conventional methods, resulting in greater productivity and faster completion times, especially important when manhole repairs are being carried out in areas with large traffic volumes. 

Additionally, the system is extremely versatile in what it can do, and manholes with diameters of up to 1.8m in both asphalt and concrete can be repaired in this way.

Another advantage of the Mr Manhole technology that FITT Resources uses is that the cutting arm is operated from a skid steer loader, so manhole repairs can be carried out in relatively confined spaces, ideal for work in city streets or other urban environments. Being able to operate using a skid steer loader also means that less remediation time of the surrounding areas is required after manhole repairs have been completed. 

Contact our Water Industry Services Team to learn more about Mr Manhole technology and the FITT Resources Manhole Repair and Replacement System, now available throughout Australia. Call on 1300 653 229 or email us at [email protected].


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