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Abrasive wear test reveals a hassle-free performance

Abrasive wear tests are carried out to assess performance of new pumping equipment. These tests are crucial in determining the durability and life-expectancy of the pump throughout operation in a challenging environment.

The following video shows a Grindex Master Tetra Line drainage pump test, carried out over 100 hours. The Master pump model has a high performance by weight ratio and is a hard-wearing option within the Grindex’s drainage pump range.

Three fractions of sand were introduced into the liquid being pumped to create a 40 per cent solid (by weight) slurry. The video illustrates how much sand was moved by the pump and how it stood up to the abrasive conditions.

According to Chris Molloy, Pump Manager at Fitt Resources, tests such as this one are common at Grindex.

“Each Grindex pump undergoes rigorous testing before it is put on the market.

“Not only does Grindex aim to ensure that their pumps can perform well within abrasive conditions, they also look at continual operation over an extended period of time without a drop in performance.”

Performance results after 100 hrs

During testing, after 100 hours of run-time, a slightly polished surface and moderate wear on the Master pump’s impeller was noted. Despite this, nearly full performance continued to be achieved throughout the test.

Performance graphs revealed that the Master pump had minimal loss in pressure and almost no loss in flow rate during the 100 hours. They also showed that it could return to original performance following slight readjustments after the test.  

In comparison, a typical drainage pump revealed that during the same test, the rate of pressure dropped by almost 50 per cent and flow rate by approximately 30 per cent.

According to Mr Molloy, the success of Grindex’s drainage pumps can be related to specific design features and hard wearing materials used on each pump.

Hydraulic design and materials

The Master model is one of the more popular models in the Grindex drainage range, providing the lowest cost per cubic meter pumped. Mr Molloy said the pump’s revolutionary hydraulic design ensures high wear resistance and dramatically reduces performance loss over extended periods of time.

“The hydraulic design on the Master pump range involves spiral track technology on the wear area and suction cover.

“The design ensures high wear resistance of the pump as it removes solids from the seal and critical wear area.

Mr Molloy said this technology is used across the complete Grindex drainage range and reduces performance drop, as seen in the video test.

“The closed impeller design results in a highly efficient pump as less energy is required for pumping.

“The hard chrome material, as well as unique spiral groove interaction with impeller back-vane, also allows for maximum wear resistance.

“The corrugated outer casing of the pump increases its strength and resistance to damage,” says Mr Molloy.

Grindex pumps’ unique air valve allows the pump to operate dry and comes with a 2-year dry burn-out free guarantee.

wear_testRecent advancements in the Master range include:

  • an improved mechanical seal
  • increased oil capacity to assist with cooling
  • a larger terminal box cover for ease of access to control equipment.

The Master pump is available in both 50Hz and 60Hz in three configurations;

  • Master N (Normal head) Higher flow and less pressure
  • Master H (High head) Less flow and even higher pressure
  • Master SH (Super High head) Even less flow and a higher pressure