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Data Acquisition Networks Pty Ltd (DAN) designs and manufactures data logging and monitoring equipment.

DAN is a leading supplier of data loggers and data logging equipment to industry across Australia and elsewhere, to the scientific market and to the Government sector.


  • Manual and automatic data collection
  • Wireless and remote monitoring
  • Website integration
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Tank or silo monitoring

You have total control over how much information you want, what alarm points you wish to set, who receives notification of alarms and who has access to information. You can make changes online to the setup. Where appropriate you can also issue commands to your equipment to change control settings.

Data loggers supplied by DAN are extremely versatile and can be used with any industrial probe. Not only are DAN data loggers extremely versatile but they are also extremely cost effective and can solve a multiplicity of data logging needs for a fraction of the cost of alternative product.

DAN data loggers are easy to install and easy to use and if ever there is a problem, the friendly staff at DAN are always there to assist. DAN data loggers are designed and manufactured in Australia so local back-up and local support is always just a phone call away.


For more information, contact FITT Resources on 1300 653 229 or email us [email protected]