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Grindex pumps up Australia’s largest public transport project

IMG_2575Grindex Submersible Pumps are the pumping solution chosen for the $8.3 billion Sydney Metro Northwest infrastructure project, with more than 50 Grindex drainage and sludge pumps onsite and operating around the clock.

The pumps’ ability to run ‘dry’ has enabled successful excavation of 15 km twin railway tunnels. Thiess John Holland Dragados (TJHD) has been contracted to build the tunnels and civil works for five of the eight new stations and two services facilities. They have four tunnel boring machines working between Bella Vista and Epping. Once complete, the tunnels will be the longest section of underground railway in Australia.

According to Product Manager, Chris Molloy from FITT Resources, the Grindex drainage and sludge pumps are the preferred option for the job as they outperform others in terms of their reliability and performance.

”Unlike any other pumps, they have SMART motor protection to protect the pump against electrical problems (such as overheating, phase loss and a guard to ensure the pump runs in the correct direction) and an air valve that cools the pump should it run dry,” said Mr Molloy.

“Overall, Grindex pumps provide hassle-free dewatering as they are a ‘plug and pump’ system that does not require external control, and are backed by a two-year dry burnout warranty.”

According to Bryant Ackers, Electrical Supervisor for two tunnel boring machines at Sydney Metro Northwest’s Cherrybrook site, the pumps are operated in a harsh environment.

“So far, the pumps have managed to withstand everything that has been thrown at them, including grout, shotcrete and muddy abrasive water.”

FITT provides support

Drainage_pump_in_tunneling_Turkey (1)When there was an issue with one of the pumps at Bella Vista, Mr Molloy was on hand to help.

“There was a lack of head on the pump that meant it was operating off its curve – this was causing shaft deflection.

“We looked at their system information, calculated the system curve, and then made recommendations for changes to correct what was happening,” said Mr Molloy.  

According to Mr Ackers, “The technical and service support from FITT Resources has been above expectation.”

Mr Molloy says he is proud of his team’s ability to provide top quality technical and service support to all of his clients and contractors, no matter the job location or size.

“With a team comprising of qualified engineers for both the design and service of each FITT Resources product, there is an experienced staff member ready to guide clients and contractors for the full lifecycle of the equipment,” said Mr Molloy.

Mr Molloy has 30 years’ experience working within the pump industry, including designing systems for mine sites in Australia as well as a number of major projects across Dubai, Africa, Indonesia and India. His broad national and international experience stands as testament to FITT Resource’s strong national team and capability.

Grindex celebrates

This year, Grindex will celebrate 75 years of design and manufacture of drainage, sludge and slurry submersible pumps. To find out more please visit their website.