We represent a range of innovative and adaptable systems that can be used in a variety of separation and micro-filtration applications across key industrial markets. Solutions include pre- and post-reverse osmosis treatment, seawater intake, desalination and waste treatment.


Manual and Automatic Fluid Strainers

  •  unique, patented, self-cleaning design is used for protection of cooling systems and other applications
  •  a variety of screening/straining options
  •  Hellan Strainers remove solids from fluid flow without stopping the flow or disassembling the strainer
  •  for use in petrochemical industry, fire protection, effluent systems, power generation, irrigation, iron and steel plants, military ships, offshore oil and gas industry

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Centrifugal Separators and Filtration Solutions

  • Lakos water filters separate settleable solids from liquid or removes floating organics
  • Lakos separators are designed to remove industrial solids from fluid streams and purge them to another location
  • suitable for hvac-heat transfer, industrial, groundwater and irrigation applications, and municipal waterworks
  • homeowner solutions

We supply water filtration systems, centrifugal separators and micro-filtration systems for use across a range of Australian industries and sectors, including:

  • pulp and paper
  • mining and processing
  • water and sewerage
  • oil, gas and refining
  • defence and marine
  • manufacturing
  • general industry

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