The LAKOS Corporation has become a world leader in innovative and adaptable solutions for specific filtration problems. Originally designed for groundwater and agricultural uses, LAKOS Separation and Filtration products are now targeted to key industrial markets.

Their systems can be used in a wide variety of applications such as cooling tower basin cleaning or heat exchanger protection, helping to separate settleable solids from liquid or to remove floating organics with their media filters and filter screens.

Lakos Separation and Filtration products

  • Homeowner solutions
  • Hvac-heat transfer
  • Industrial
  • Groundwater
  • Irrigation
  • Municipal waterworks

Industrial processes often experience heavier sand and solids problems. LAKOS industrial water filters are specifically designed to remove these solids from the fluid stream and safely purge them to another location.

LAKOS has over 40 years of experience selecting the best solution for your industrial solids problem.

Most Common Industrial Water Filtration Solutions:

  • Spray nozzle and small orifice protection
  • Pre-filtration of larger solids so finer filtration can be more effective
  • Heat Exchanger Protection in process environments
  • Waste minimization/Reduction

Industrial process fluids application brochure

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