Dragflow DRH400 Cable Dredge


  • Max mixture capacity [m³/ h]: 1500
  • Total installed power [kW]: 470
  • Max dredging depth: up to 250 m
  • Pipe diameter [mm]: 350

The DRH400 is a cable dredge that can be equipped with HY400 or HY400HC hydraulic pumps.
This dredge is flexible: it can work anywhere and in any condition thanks to its robust structure.
It can be used in various areas: mining, dredging for the cleaning of ports, canals and rivers, industrial applications.

  • Only one operator is needed to control the entire dredger from the ergonomic operator cabin.
  • Combines a working depth of up to 250 m with small overall dimensions and draft.
  • Assembly operation takes as short as 6-8 hours.
    It can be mounted in any environment and has limited mobilization costs.