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New Dragflow hydraulic dredge pump range

FITT Resources supplies the full range of Dragflow submersible dredge pumps across Australia and New Zealand. We are proud to be able to introduce to the mining and marine industries the new range of Dragflow HY600 and HY400HC hydraulic dredge pumps, launched at the end of 2017 and designed especially for tackling large-scale dredging and dewatering projects.

  • The HY 600A/B model is designed to operate at depth, and features a Max head of 70m with max flow 1800 m3/h capacity.
  • The HY 600HC is a high capacity model, and features a Max head of 56m with max flow 4000 m3/h capacity
  • The HY400HC is a high capacity model, and features a Max head of 46m with max flow 4000 m3/h capacity
  • HY 600 HH is a new high head model that offers a head up to 100 m with 1000 m3/h capacity and is well suited for dredging works dealing with high depth issues.

The Dragflow HY600 and HY400HC hydraulic dredge pump ranges feature a high efficiency agitator designed to lift settled solids. Abrasion resistance is provided by the high chrome wear parts, while the low rotation speed further reduces wear. They are able to handle up to 70% solids by weight, and are designed to be installed easily onto the boom of hydraulic excavators.

You can read more about the Dragflow HY 400 HC hydraulic dredge pump in action here.

New Dragflow electric pump range

There is also a new range of Dragflow electric pumps available through FITT Resources in Australia and New Zealand.

The Dragflow EL 400 is an electric pump with a head up to 62m and offering a 1400 m3/h capacity. Available in both 50Hz and 60 Hz models, the EL 400 features high chrome wear parts and can handle solids up to 120mm and up to 70% per weight material density.

Also now available is the Dragflow EL20 series of electric pumps. Available in Australia in three different versions — EL20, EL20S and EL20SS — all offer high abrasion resistance and low rotation speeds, and are able to handle up to 70% per weight material density.

All three models have 25mm solid handling capacity. The EL20 offers 80 m3/h capacity, while the EL20S and EL20SS both have a capacity of 160 m3/h.

New Dragflow acid proof pumps

In order to counter the challenges provided by pumping heavy and acid slurry, particularly encountered in the Australian mining industry, Dragflow has begun to incorporate austenitic stainless steel, a high quality material that is acid resistant to a PH of 2 , into the production of a number of its pumps. This acid proof series of pumps is tough and robust, and ideal for work in extreme environments.

This feature is available on the following Dragflow pump models:

  • EL7,5 – EL7,5S – EL7,5SS
  • El12,5 – El12,5S – El12,5SS
  • EL20 – EL20S – EL20SS
  • EL25S
  • EL35 – EL35S
  • EL354 – EL354S
  • EL60 – EL60S
  • EL606 – EL606S
  • EL604 – El604S – EL604SHH
  • EL1204 – EL1204HH

Dragflow Pumps Australia

FITT Resources distribute Dragflow hydraulic and electric pumps, as well as its acid proof range, throughout Australia and New Zealand. Contact us to learn more about the Dragflow range and how they can be used in wide variety of dredging applications across the mining and marine sectors.